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Abraham Darby

Merry Hill Centre
Merry Hill
Brierley Hill
West Midlands


During a recent shopping trip to the Merry Hill Centre in Dudley I popped into the Abraham Darby, owned by Wetherspoon, for a quick drink and a snack to eat.


I opted for the Vegetarian Panini which was supposed to be Mature Cheddar Cheese and Tomato Club and which was priced at £ 4.09.


When it arrived, together with a bit of side salad and when I had my first bite out of it and couldn’t taste any cheese or tomato I opened it up to have a closer look at it.


What a surprise!


The tomato was a slice not thicker than 2 milimeters and the Mature Cheddar Cheese must have been brushed on whilst it was melted as there was no sign of it; it just looked like a buttered piece of bread with a red circle in the middle.


It was the most skimpy and meagre Panini I ever had and most certainly not worth £ 4.09, a Pound would have been too much.


I realise that times are hard at the moment and pubs are suffering in line with the retail trade but this Panini was an insult and I most certainly will never have another bite to eat in any of the Wetherspoon pubs if that’s the best they can offer and I would urge all the visitors to this website to do likewise.


This meal was simply a rip-off. Go elsewhere if you want value for money or have a look at it before you eat it and send it back and ask for your money back


Grilled paninis each £4.09

Mature Cheddar Cheese and Tomato Club


Just a reminder of the claim

Wetherspoon make about their food


Wetherspoon helped to transform the pub world in the 1980s by introducing food served all day.

Since then, Wetherspoon has steadily built a reputation for great food, so much so that it is recognised today as much for its food as for its great drinks quality and brands.





This is just a picture to remind you what a Cheddar Cheese & Tomato Panini should look like







( You won't find one like this in Wetherspoon )






The recent Food Hygiene Inspection by Dudley Council found the standard of food to be poor as per the rating below

Scores on the Doors - Food Hygiene Inspections - Details


Trading Name / Address:     The Abraham Darby, Times Square Avenue,                                                     Merry Hill Centre, Brierley Hill, West Midlands,                                                                                  DY5 1SY

Type of Premises: Pub/Club

Rating Description: Poor, Improvements required.

Hygiene & Safety Compliance: Standards being maintained or improved

Cleanliness and Standard of Facility: More effort required

Confidence in Management: Satisfactory

Date of inspection: 09/04/2008


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