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A few weeks ago I attended a wedding in Paphos and hired a car via Argus Car Hire, an internet based company based in Dublin.

I had used this company before without any problems but this time things went badly wrong.

I deliberately chose a higher priced car on the assumption that I would get a reliable and newer car and I prepaid the weekly rental to Argus upon completion of the reservation at a cost of Euros 161.79 Euros. It was supposed to be ‘Volkswagen or up’, whatever that was supposed to mean.

The rental was with Alamo which was served by Europcar and when I arrived at 9.30pm and went to collect the car they first had a discussion what ‘ Volkswagen or up’ was supposed to mean and eventually gave me the keys to a Ford Fiesta.

When I found the car it turned out to be a scratched and dented old banger. The remote locking system was not working, the seats were badly stained and the adjusting handles for the wing mirrors had lost their handles.

Under normal circumstances I would have gone back and complained but by this time it was getting on for 10.30 in the evening and my son, who had arrived an hour before me and had a car from Sixt was waiting for me and consequently picked up the car and followed my son into Paphos from the airport.

My son’s car was a modern and clean Renault Megane for which he had paid 40 Euros less than me through a German internet based car hire firm.

When I arrived in Paphos and eventually found my apartment in the dark I stopped the engine to unload my suitcases only to find that the car would not start again. I had to leave it in the street outside the apartment.

The next morning I phoned Europcar to complain and after about 3 hours, and another two phone calls, a mechanic finally arrived and concluded that the car needed a new battery which he did not have with him and which he said he would have to fetch.

By this time I was really fed up and I requested to have the car changed but he told me  that would not be possible as there was nobody at the airport.

In the end I left him to it and when I got back in the evening I tried the car and it started.

When I drove to the supermarket later that evening I noticed that the radio no longer worked as the loss of power when fitting the new battery had wiped out the memory including the code.

My wife is handicapped with Parkinson’s disease and we had intended to explore the island including a trip up the Troodos Mountains but I no longer had any confidence in this car in case I broke down again and, in the end,  I just used it around Paphos.

Not only did I lose a day when it would not start and I had to mess around for a mechanic to arrive, it also completely spoilt our holiday.

It was the worst car I ever had as a hire car and clearly was no longer fit for the purpose and, most certainly, should not have been in a hire fleet of a well known and what I thought, reputable and reliable car Hire Company.

I have written to Argus Car Hire and sent them all the paperwork and I am currently awaiting their reply and I have told them that I would not want to take the risk to book and prepay another car from their website if these are the cars used by the rental companies they are listing.

Let’s see what they say



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It’s now nearly SIX WEEKS since I wrote to Argus Car Hire and to-date there is no response - I used to book quite a few cars with them in the past but unless they get back to me soon it may have been the last time

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Sadly, Argus Car Hire did not get back  to me and did not reply.

Today is the 23rd December 2013 and I had no confirmation and no acknowledgement from this company which means that I could not possibly trust this company again in the future.

Never again will I book a hire car from these people

They keep sending me their emails on a weekly basis offering me their fantastic deals but sadly these emails have now been designated as scam and will be swallowed by my spam filter.

I have also searched the Internet for any other complaints and I was quite astonished to see the many complaints for this company and for Car Trawler.

So please be warned and check out these companies before you book a hire car and before you part with your hard earned money.

I know things can go wrong but if they do then any reputable company will try to put it right but a company which does not respond to any correspondence should most certainly be avoided.

If they don’t communicate with you when things have gone wrong then don’t use them and don’t trust them.



My Recommendation

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Booking my car with them was 50% cheaper than the price quoted to me by Europcar in Funchal