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This may sound as a rather petty complaint but it’s the principle that matters and it highlights what morons are employed by the big supermarkets .

I suppose that I  should now see the funny side of it  but I did not when it happened:

It was on Christmas Eve just before closing time at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre and I was on my way home having done all my Christmas Shopping.

The time was 10 minutes to 4 pm and I decided to buy an evening paper as my last item of shopping, something I always do on a daily basis.

There was a pile of the Express & Stars’ at the kiosk outside ASDA and I joined the rather large queue to buy my paper.

I was nearly there, just 3 more people in front of me when one of the girls serving behind the counter came out from the kiosk, grabbed all the papers and proceeded to take them inside.

I left my wife in the queue and darted after her and when I caught up with her I asked her why she had removed the papers.

‘ I had instructions from the manager’ she said ‘ to take them all inside’.

‘Fine I said, I just waited for the best part of 10 minutes in the queue outside so can I please take one paper back out where my wife is waiting in the queue’

‘Oh no’ was the answer,’ anything you buy inside must go through the store tills and cannot be paid outside’.  

So what about if you take a copy outside when you go back to the kiosk and I can then buy it from you .

‘That’s not possible now’ she said. ‘I had instructions from my manager to bring them inside and they cannot possible go back out, not even one copy’

I gave up. The queue on the tills inside was even longer than the queue had been at the kiosk before I started queuing  and I was not prepared to join another long queue for a paper just because one idiotic and senseless employee of ASDA  refused to accept that her argument was just sheer total nonsense.

She could not see it and  was adamant that she had to do what here manager told her so I left ASDA, walked down the mall to W H Smith and bought my paper from them

I was furious  and infuriated and I did write a letter to the Manager of the ASDA store in the Merry Hill Centre but he never had the courtesy or manner to reply which may imply that he may have been the person who told this senseless moron that she could not sell me a paper outside once she carried it in.




I still see that stupid  and brainless women now when I go shopping and I still can’t see the logic or her reasons  for refusing to sell me a paper from the kiosk after she had taken them inside the store.