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The list of morons is growing every week

This is now the third case and strangely enough they are all from Yorkshire.

Perhaps there is some truth in what they say about the Yorkshire men.


Yorkshire Born and

Yorkshire Bread Strong in the arm and Thick in the head ...





See the case of

Barry Davies - Huddersfield

Sadly, this is not the end as Barry Beaumont has now sent me an ebay message threatening violence:


I shall be in your area next week

I hope to see you

but don’t wear a dress


I have passed this message to the West Midlands Police and I have copied it to ebay and I have asked ebay  that they investigate this incident and that they remove Barry Beaumont from the ebay community.  If they don’t then it will be me who will be closing my account with them.

So if anything happens to me or to my property in the future the police will know who is to blame and where they can find him. (see map)


I been around a bit now and I have come across an astoundingly large number of folks who are rather thick and brainless but Barry Beaumont  beats the lot of them.

Not only is he thick like 10 planks, he is also a notorious  and disreputable liar who left a feedback on my Ebay page claiming that I have refused to issue him with a refund.

The true story is somewhat different.

This mentally retarded person bid on my Ebay page which is clearly marked as a guide to help fishermen decide what meat cutter they should buy.

It’s purely a reference and a link to other web pages and it clearly and obviously states that anyone bidding does not bid for a meat cutter and that all they will get is another copy of the auction page. In other words it means that you should not enter a bid as there is nothing to sell, but I can’t say this on ebay.

It could not be any clearer than that but, unbelievably,  week after week some idiot out there decides to enter a bid. Why, I don’t know but I always thought that they perhaps had not read it properly and I always  refund them with their money if they are stupid enough to bid.

This week it was Barry Beaumont from Yorkshire who battled  it out with another dimwit and finished up paying me £ 10.52 for my guide.  Why?  I haven’t got a clue.

When I found out I sent him a message which said:

I do realise that you bid for this item but please read the description again. It clearly states that this is just a guide as to which meat cutter you should buy and that all you will receive is another copy of the auction page.
It clearly states that that I am not selling any meat cutters but that there are plenty of sellers on ebay if you want to purchase a cutter.
I can only presume that you did not read the description properly and, therefore, I propose that we cancel this transaction by mutual agreement.
Please do not pay but if you have already done so then I will gladly refund you with your money once the transaction is cancelled.
There is no cutter for sale and there has never been one for sale and I don't want you to pay me for a piece of paper. 
I have asked ebay to send you a notification to cancel and I would ask you to respond in agreement.
If you reject the cancellation you are liable for payment and it cannot be reversed and all you will get is a piece of paper.

In addition to that I opened a dispute case with Ebay and sent him a notification that we have both agreed to cancel the transaction and  I asked him to confirm this to Ebay.

A day later he got back to me and said

Will I get a full refund. It has already been paid by my bank

To which I replied by return email:

You will get a full refund the minute I receive the message from ebay that the transaction has been cancelled by agreement.

When I had no response I  reminded him again to cancel the transaction to enable me to issue the refund but in response I received a notification from Ebay informing me that the request had been rejected by Barry Beaumont.

The buyer, sudawan1, has rejected your request to cancel the transaction for (#270768341415) . As a result, you will not receive a Final Value Fee credit for this transaction. Please complete this transaction with the buyer.

I was flabbergasted but I accepted his decision and as promised in my auction page I sent him by email another copy of this page as  this was what he had purchased and  obviously wanted  when he rejected the cancellation. I  also told him that this case was now closed and that I now no longer could issue a refund.

What did Barry Beaumont do next.  You guessed it. He left a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK on my Ebay site claiming that I had refused to refund him with the money he had paid.

ask the seller to refund my money he said i refused his offer i ask ebay to help

I have copied this as it is without correcting any mistakes  so everyone can see what dimwit this guy  is.

He is welcome to ask Ebay for help and I would suggest to him that he should also ask a psychiatrist  as there is clearly something wrong with him.  I really don’t know what this man wants, what he intended to buy, why he refused to cancel the transaction and why he then blatantly and  deliberately lied when he claimed that I refused a refund.

After all that I no longer intend to refund him with the £10.52 but I have instead donated it to my local charity who were extremely grateful to received it.







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