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Since we published our complaint about the Two for One  chain we received the following comment from Barry T which is self-explanatory:


I recently went to a Marston's pub with my partner and my brother.  We knew the deal was 2 for 1 but thought we would order a 4th (free) meal and split it between the three of us.  We were told we could not have it as there were only three of us so my brother had to pay nearly £10 for a meagre portion of pie and chips.   I queried this with the manager who told us it was “company policy".

I noticed that they had changed to table service - probably so they could supervise this "policy". Perhaps I should have told them there was a fourth person in the toilet or "borrowed" someone who was just having a drink at the bar?  I wonder if the staff has orders to watch out for people trying to break the rules and to reclaim meals.  All very bizarre !!!


When we asked Barry to let us know the name of the Marston pub he told us:


It was the Boat House at Braunston.  A pleasant pub in a nice canal-side location.  But I was astonished when they refused to honour the 2 for 1 deal for a single customer.  I got the impression this happens regularly as the server and the barman both had a stock reply that it was against "company policy".  It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a section on the menu outside the 2 for 1 deal but there isn’t so as you said they are forcing single people to pay the price of two meals - but even worse only letting them have one!


We sent a letter to Marston’s and asked them to confirm that this is indeed their company policy and to explain to us how they can justify it  and we are currently still waiting for their reply.


Editors Comment:

The only possible explanation as to why Marston’s are not responding to our question must be that they are fully aware that their Company policy is wrong and discriminating and if they continue to ignore our request for an explanation then we will have no other option but to ask the media to look into this matter.

It won’t go away

Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page

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Editors Comment

We will refrain from making any comments until we have received the response from Marstons who have promised to response within SEVEN DAYS see below




Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We have received your comments and will ensure that they are passed onto the correct person here at Marston's.

Please allow us up to 7 working days to respond.


That was FOUR weeks ago and we are still waiting for an answer from Marston’s

We sent them yet another email on the 4th June 2011 requesting a response


Indirect discrimination occurs when there are provisions, criteria or practices operating, which have the effect of discriminating against certain groups of people, by putting them at a disadvantage compared with others, and which cannot be justified as proportionate.

As we had no response from Marston’s Inns & Taverns despite several more reminders we have now passed this matter to the Trading Standards Office in Wolverhampton and we have asked them to investigate the deliberate and blatant discrimination of single people at the TWO for ONE pubs.