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I am getting rather concerned and annoyed with the way ebay and PayPal are treating the very people they are relying on and which made them to what they are now, namely the sellers without them they would not be here.


Whilst I fully appreciate and agree that the buyers should be protected against fraudulent and dishonest traders I feel that their ‘buyers protection’ is now going a step too far and that they are now totally unfair to the genuine sellers.


The reason I am saying this will be explained as follows by a typical example which seems to occur quite regularly lately.


About a week ago somebody bought some plastic blanking ends for square tubing, paid for it by PayPal and I duly sent it off and considered the matter closed.


A few days ago I suddenly received an email informing me that a case had been opened and that the buyer is claiming that the items I sent him were too small for the tubular frames. I responded immediately and asked him to re-measure the frames diameter and get back too as it was clearly obvious that he ordered the wrong item.


The buyer did not respond and a few days later I sent him yet another message requesting the courtesy of a reply.


Still no response from the buyer which normally would not bother me but, so eBay has told me, if the buyer isn't satisfied with the outcome by 08 Mar, 2014, the buyer can escalate the case to eBay Customer Support and, in the meantime, PayPal funds from this transaction, including payment and postage, will be unavailable for withdrawal.


What about me, the seller ? I am most certainly not satisfied with the claim the buyer has made and more than annoyed that he hasn’t got the common courtesy to reply. What are my rights as a seller in such circumstances and why can’t I escalate this case when I buyer tells a blatant lie and does not respond.


Why should I have to wait for eBay to make a decision as to who is right or wrong and why should PayPal freeze my money when the buyer does not reply.  I have done everything a responsible and honest seller would do yet I am getting penalised by these people.


So please eBay and PayPal have a rethink on your policies of buyers protection and don’t just accept their word that they have received the wrong goods or that the item does not match the description before you start clawing back the money from sincere sellers. Give the sellers some credit before you freeze their money which isn’t your in the first instances.


And please bear in mind that without the sellers you wouldn’t even exist, so please don’t kick them in the face, they are the backbone of your operation and they are the ones who have made you all the money.


Finally a word about accessibility of eBay who can no longer be contacted by email.


Go and try their Online Question and Answers page which will just lead you round in circles or their ‘Chat Session’ which is about as useful as an ‘ashtray on a motorbike’  and,  best of all,  after you tried unsuccessfully to ‘chat with them’ you get an email claiming that the case has been resolved.



Peter Foy
65 Kingsholm Gardens





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