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 I went on a short break to Alicante recently and booked a car hire through Travel Republic which used Holiday Autos. The confirmation I received from Holiday Autos clearly stated under the paragraph Fuel Conditions “ For rentals of 1 – 5 days a full to full option is available “ which suited me as I only intended to drive to Benidorm.

However, when I got to the car hire desk at aurigacrown, who are the local agents for Holiday Autos, I was told that I had to pay for a FULL tank of fuel upon collection of the vehicle and that I am supposed to bring the car back empty. Despite pointing out the conditions I had received from Holiday Autos they insisted that I fork out the money for a full tank, which cost me 65.00 Euros (about £50.00).


When I returned from Spain I wrote to Holiday Autos and requested a refund of 40.00 Euros as the tank was still ¾ full.



I just received the following e-mail from Holiday Autos:


Auriga-Crown’s fuel policy for our customers renting for five days or less is indeed that the vehicle may be brought back full for a refund of the fuel deposit.  I apologise that Auriga-Crown’s agent advised you incorrectly.


Auriga-Crown have now issued a refund of EUR 37 for the fuel, which will appear on your next or the following credit card statement.


I am sorry for the inconvenience caused on this occasion and hope that we may welcome you as a customer in the future.


Yours sincerely



Rob Findlow

Customer Relations Executive

On behalf of Holiday Autos European Services GmbH


Holiday Autos
4th Floor
Chobham Road
GU21 6JD



Alicante Airport


This is the letter I wrote to Holiday Autos

Re.: Car Rental Voucher Holiday Autos ZUR6345981 
I booked a car rental at Alicante Airport which was confirmed to me on the29th February 2008 as per the above reference number. 
The confirmation I received from you stated clearly that for rentals of 1 - 5 days a full to full fuel option is available and applicable. 
As I only intended to drive to Benidorm this was fine and I was happy to return the car with a full tank of fuel. 
When I arrived at the car rental desk of Aurigacrown, who are your agents atAlicante airport, I was told that I must pay for a full tank of fuel as my rental exceeded 3 days. I pointed out to them that it was confirmed to me that this option was not applicable unless the rental period exceeded 5 days but they were adamant and insisted that I pay for a full tank as per the enclosed copy invoice. 
I was charged 65.00 Euros and when I returned the car 4 days later the tank was still 3/4 full which added an approximate amount of at least 40.00 Euros (about £32.00) to my rental charge. 
I consider this charge a breach of the rental terms as I would not have booked a hire car had I been told that I had to purchase a full tank of fuel upon collection of the car. 
Under the circumstances I would appreciate it if you would take up this matter with your agents and I look forward to receiving a refund of at least £30.00 (Thirty POUND) or [euros 40.00 for the charge I was not told until I arrived at the car hire desk in Alicante. 



Holiday Autos

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