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If you had any dealing with the Luggage Loss Adjusters in the past or if you claim has been rejected by them for whatever reason then please contact us and tell us what has happened to your claim.


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Luggage Loss Adjusters

Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page

The Complaint Shop

Under normal circumstances we allow the complainant to state his own case but in this instance we have decided to make an exception and tell the story ourselves. The reason for this is the fact that the Luggage Loss Adjusters have threatened legal action if we public this case and, therefore we have decided that we will accept full responsibility if they do and we are quite happy to defend our right to publish factual information in the courts.

Last year upon his return from his holiday to Turkey Clive Mobberley found that his suitcase had been damaged in transit. He duly reported it to the claims handlers at Birmingham airport who issued a Property Irregularity Report and told him that he should hear from them within the next 3 days.

When he heard nothing he made some phone calls to find out what had happened and, after first denying that the damaged case had been reported, they told him that he had to make a claim with the Luggage Loss Adjusters and they gave him their address in Haywards Heath.

He duly forwarded the PIR and his claim to LLA only to be told by them that th claim was outside the time limit and, therefore, has been rejected.

What follows was a rather prolonged correspondence but, in the end they were adamant that they were within their rights to reject his claim despite the fact that Clive clearly had been deliberately and purposely mislead by  Arvin Aviation who are the claims handlers at Birmingham airport.

When we got involved LLA suddenly claimed that they were still investigating this case and told us that they had been in contact with the airlines legal department (Thomas Cook) and that they had advised them that all their correspondence had been headed  ‘Without Prejudice’ and that this insertion prevents us from publishing anything relating to this case.

The reiterated to us and to Clive that they have dealt with the claim in accordance with the airlines Condition of Carriage and the Montreal convention and that they are within their rights to deny Clive Mobberleys claim when he submitted his claim.

If we are to accept that statement then why did they threaten us with legal action if we publish this case and why was Clive Mobberley not given the information and the address of the loss adjusters at the airport when he submitted his claim.

Why did Arvin Aviation tell him that they would contact him?

Why are the loss adjusters telling the passengers who had their luggage damaged that they should submit a claim to their travel or house insurance when the excess on these insurances would wipe out any such claim?

What are they trying to cover up and why are they so anxious that a case like this does not get published?

We invited them to come back to us and submit any objection to this publication in writing but they have decided to decline this invitation and never responded.

So here we are.

A totally innocent passengers travelling on Thomas Cook Airlines has his suitcase damaged, he does everything he is supposed to do and yet he finishes up out of pocket as the claims agents give him a wrong and misleading information and the loss adjusters then use this false and erroneous information to reject this claim and when we try to help we find ourselves threatened with legal action if we publish the complaint.

We have now published a comprehensive guide as to what to do if your luggage gets damaged by the airline and we sincerely hope that this will help the public to obtain their rights if things go wrong.

There is no denial that the Montreal Convention imposes a time limit of 7 days to make your claim but if the parties involved in the submission of a claim purposely or inadvertently delay the submission of the claim then this should be taken into account by the airlines insurers.

We will leave it to the visitors of this web page to make up their own mind as to who is right and who is wrong but we sincerely hope that this publication will enable blameless passengers to obtain their rights when things go wrong.