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Having been caught out by the above pub chain and having gone to their pubs  without thinking with just 3 people  and paid through the nose for the third meal I feel that this concept of inflating prices to offer a TWO  for ONE meal and then charge the inflated price for the third person (or any uneven number) is a blatant discrimination of single people.

Late last year I took this matter to Operations Manager Peter Dalzell but he never had the courtesy to reply and, therefore, I have now decided to publish my letter in full for all the visitors of this page to see  and to decide for themselves i the TWO for ONE concept can be considered fair when it deliberately punishes single people.

Here is my letter to Peter Dalzell:

Dear Sir,

A few weeks ago David Cameron was asked to apologise to John Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, for a rather harmless and quite funny joke which compared him to the seven dwarfs.

The Walking with Giants Association considered this to be insulting and stereotype and branded it discriminatory against people with dwarfism.

Every day, our papers are full with stories of discrimination, there is hardly anybody left in this country which, one way or the other, is not discriminated somewhere, yet Marton’s Taverns and their Two for One pub chain are one of the biggest offenders of discrimination.

Their offence, blatant discrimination of single people who are deliberately punished for being single and who are denied the same benefits as couples.

The price structure of the Two for One pubs is purposely and intentionally designed to cover the price for two meals and, whilst very reasonable for two people eating together, cannot be considered rational or realistic when applied to one person.

£11.25 for Sunday Lunch for two is a fair price, but £11.25 for ONE person is most certainly not.

Single people have always been disadvantaged by hotels and tour operators but there was always a certain amount of justification with the argument that a single room needs the same amount of cleaning, but they have never charged the price of a double room.

The gravity of this blatant discrimination was not immediately apparent when these pubs changed to this method of pricing and for years we had been going out with another couple on a regular basis to these pubs and thoroughly enjoyed our nights out. The average bill for the FOUR of us with the drinks came to about £70.00 which was considered acceptable but, regretfully, one of these friends died suddenly a few month ago cutting us down to just three people.

We still go out together but our friend, who had lost his wife so tragically, is now asked by the very pub we used to visit, to pay for a meal for the partner he no longer got and the only saving for him would be the price of the drinks his partner would have consumed.

Surely, this cannot be right!

On the wider scale, the same restriction applies to all single people who are asked to pay double the amount for their food or, if they are not prepared to do so, are forced to go elsewhere, even if the nearest pub serving food is on their doorstep.

As I said above, this is deliberate discrimination of single people who, by the way, are mostly older people on a low income, yet they are expected to pay a larger proportion of their disposable income to Marston’s Inns & Taverns if they want to go there.

Like I mentioned above, it does not affect me, but I feel that I have a duty to do something about it and I did write to Marston’s a few month ago suggesting that they follow the lead of other pub chains and introduce a voucher system which would enable a single person to enjoy a second meal on a different day FREE OF CHARGE.  This would give single people the same playing field as a couple and they still could spend their money on the drinks when they call again, which surely would benefit the pub and the brewery.

Even Tesco have recognised this problem with their BOGOF (buy one get one free) offers and are now giving single customers a voucher for later use, alas restricted by a time limit.

Without wishing to repeat myself I must stress that this kind of discrimination should not be allowed to be continued and I would urge you once again to reconsider my suggestion of a voucher system  or a similar solution to this problem.

I sincerely hope that you will acknowledge my letter and let me know your thoughts but if you decide to ignore me again then I will have no other option but to enlist the Express & Star and any other media source willing to listen to me.

My plea with you to do something about this is of no financial gain to me, I am happily married with a partner, but I feel very strongly for all the single people who are denied access to your pubs unless they pay a premium price for their food

Yours faithfully


The Forge - Dudley

The Dog - Harvington

The Sun - Romsley

Bandon Arms - Bridgnorth

Land Oak - Kidderminster

Park Gate - Kidderminster

The Watermill - Kidderminster

If you find that you agree with my view that a voucher system would remove the discrimination from this pub chain then please support me in my struggle to give single people a fairer and more reasonable deal.

Or, on the other side if you disagree and you think that I am wrong  then I would also be pleased  if you would tell me as to why you think that Marstons Inns & Tavern are right in charging the inflated prices to single people and uneven numbers of their clients.

I will be more than happy to listen to all of you whatever your view may be and maybe you have even got a better idea than me.

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Indirect discrimination occurs when there are provisions, criteria or practices operating, which have the effect of discriminating against certain groups of people, by putting them at a disadvantage compared with others, and which cannot be justified as proportionate.