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Having borrowed my mate's Tilley Meat Cutter a few times previously I decided to buy myself the new Maver Cutter which looks strikingly similar but is a few pounds cheaper than the Tilley.

 I had my first shock when I opened the box to get it out and I cut myself on the wires around the screws. They clearly had not been cut off properly and I was dripping with blood before I even got it out. 

I then noticed that the wires in the first chamber were not interwoven and that all the wiring on the cutter was rather slack and uneven. (see picture) 

The sponges on the plunger were very thin and cut uneven but, undeterred I proceeded to cut some meat.  After pushing the meat through the first chamber I inserted the separator, which turned out to be too short to reach the other end and, consequently some of the meat was pushed back into the first chamber when I pushed it out into my box. 

Due to the lack of tension on the wires the meat was rather mushy und uneven and nothing like I had seen before. I also hurt myself again on the wires and I was left extremely dissatisfied and annoyed that I had tried to save myself a few pound and bought this cutter. 

Nevertheless I had bought it, it was own stupid fault and decision, and I used it for a short while wearing a thick glove to avoid any further injuries when I managed to snap the wire. 

I then tried to rewire the cutter with the replacement wire enclosed ( 2mtrs of rather soft bendable wire)  but unfortunately whilst trying to get some tension I stripped the screw which seemed to be rather short and that was the end of my meat cutter.  

By this time I was so feed up and frustrated that I decided that it was not fit for the purpose and I took it back and told them what I thought about it. Fortunately the shop owner saw my point and agreed with me and I had my money refunded which I have put towards a Tilley cutter which works a treat without any complaints. 

The Maver cutter should be supplied with a safety warning, a box of plasters and some sturdy gloves as it is impossible to use it without cutting yourself and I am just surprised and astonished that Maver have put their name on such a cheap inferior copy of an otherwise fantastic meat cutter. 

Yes, it is cheaper than the other makes such as the MCM or the Tilley but I now know why and I just hope that my fellow fishermen read this before they buy one. If they still go ahead with their purchase than they can only blame themselves afterwards but if you have already bought one and have found the same problems I found then do what I did and take it back for a a refund.


As a matter of interest I did have a look at the Maver website and to my utter amazement found the following statement and I quote:

“It is recommended to heat the meat up slightly before cutting as this softens the meat and makes it easier to cut”

How the heck am I supposed to heat my meat on the river bank. Make a fire perhaps or carry a Bunsen burner. Maver clearly are aware that this cutter is not up to standard as they would not make such a nonsensical statement. Just imagine pushing warm luncheon meat through your cutter!!!! What a bloody mess!

I have also just found out that a firm called J&M Clearance & Liquidation in Kent  are now selling the Maver Meat Cutter at knock down  prices which must mean that Maver are clearing out their stocks and are disposing of this cutter. Maybe they seen the light?
And if I would own a fishing tackle shop, having bought this cutter which is now sold by stock liquidators, I would be the first to be on the phone to Maver and insist that they take back my stocks for a full credit.















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Wire sticking out from screw

Wiring in first chamber

Wiring in second chamber

Plunger Pads Misfit and Thickness

Separator plate too short

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