The problem with all these copy cutters is that all they look identical but what let’s most of them down is the wiring. They are using soft bendable wire which sooner or later will break and despite the fact that they are supplying you with about 2mtrs of the same soft bendable replacement wire, which is not long enough to completely re-wire a complete cutter,  you soon will finish up with a cutter you can’t use.

It’s a bit like buying a Rolls Royce with a Lada engine, but then you get what you pay for and you can’t really complain when the problems start, especially when you had been made aware of troubles it may cause you.

They are fine as long as the wires last and they are totally useless when they snap as you can’t possible get the tension you will need to get a clean cut.

What’s the good of having to warm up the meat and finish up with a mushy mess, you may as well just get a riddle and push it through if this is what you want. I prefer to keep my meat in the fridge as this will ensure a clean and sharp cut with no bits hanging from it.

If you have been caught out and if you aren’t happy with your cutter then there is a solution:

a)  take it back to where you bought it and request a refund

b)  have it professional re-wired for £10.00 at the following website:                            

c)  part exchange it for £15.00 and get a brand new Tilley Cutter or

d)  throw it in the bin, buy a riddle or a knife and go back where you were before.

The Maver cutter is now down to £12.00 + postage which is half the recommended Retail Price. It’s has obviously been cleared out as a job lot to a clearance company and everybody who tries to get a higher price is wasting their time selling it and I agree with the previous complainant that I would not be very happy if I would own a tackle shop and have some unsold Maver cutters on my shelf.



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