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Your Ref.: 03/0352092/TCA/M AT


Dear Sirs,


I am rather concerned that you have not had the common courtesy to respond to my letter dated 18th November 2010 requesting that you reconsider your decision to reject my claim for my damaged suitcase or, alternatively, provide me with the contact details of the claims handlers who issued the PIR.


Having said that I must admit that it does not surprise me that you do not reply to any letters as this is just another proof that you, the claims handler and the airline are blatantly colluding to avoid having to pay compensation for damages caused by the airline or ground staff!


I have done nothing wrong. I reported the damage immediately to the claims handler at the airport and I was told a blatant lie that they would get back to me within 3 days, which they did not and I was not informed by them that the PIR is not in itself a claim.  


As the PIR itself does not disclose any contact details or any instruction how to claim for any damages and as I was not told by the claims handlers  that I had to submit a separate claim to you I was in no position to make that claim within the required time limit.  


In telling me that they would contact me within 3 days they deliberately and intentionally delayed the submission of my claim to allow you to say that it was outside the time limits.


It is clearly obvious that you, claiming to be a Division of a Limited Company, which in itself is classified by Companies House as ‘TOTAL EXCEMPTION SMALL” ,   are simply fronting the airline or their insurers and that the whole purpose of your existence is to turn down traveller’s claims without disclosing the contact details of the airline, their insurers or the airport’s claims handlers.


This simply has to be a scam?  


No reputably company would operate this way or refuse to respond to correspondence?




This matter will not go away and I will not rest until I receive the information I have requested in my letter dated 18th November, namely the full contact details of the claims handlers,  who blatantly lied to me at the airport when I reported the damage.


In addition to that I must now also ask you to forward details of the people you are fronting and who are paying you and the claims handlers to delay and reject the claims of unwary travellers i.e. the full contact details of Thomas Cook or/and  their insurers.


The way you have behaved so far is totally unprofessional and dishonourable and, unless you decide to settle this matter amicably, I must also now ask you to let me have the details of your complaints procedure to enable me to lodge a complaint against your company for failing to deal with queries arising from the unreasonable rejection of a claim.



Yours faithfully





























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I am quite a regular visitor to the Meadow Lark Public House in Dudley and I was pleased to receive a voucher which entitled me to TWO STEAKS and TWO DRINKS for £ 9.99

The next day we went off to enjoy our meal only to be told that they had no steaks ( 8oz or 4oz) and that  I could not use the voucher for any other meal except the chicken.

It also meant that virtually all the combo dishes were unavailable as most of them comprised of steaks which did not leave me with much choice at a far higher price I had expected to pay.

When I got home that night I sent a letter to Mitchells & Butlers in Birmingham who are the parent company of the Sizzling Pub Company and told them about my disappointment.

Today, I had a phone call from Sara, the new manager of the Meadow Lark who profoundly apologised for their shortcomings and who invited us back to Meadow Lark for a complimentary meal.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Sara who was honest to admit that this should not have happened and I can only praise her and the Sizzling Pub Company for the way they have dealt with my complaint and I will happily recommend the Meadow Lark to all the people I know and to all the people who will read this page.

Well done


Superb Selection

We know there are plenty of pubs, restaurants & takeaways around Upper Gornal, Lower Gornal & Sedgley, so that's why The Meadow Lark has a pub food menu of unbeatable value and quality including starters, rib and steak combos, pasta and salads, superb specials and the best burgers in Dudley.


Sizzling Specials and Delicious Desserts

Our Specials are available all week and you can choose from slow-cooked Minted Lamb Shank or Rarebit Topped Fish with cheese, hot mustard and ale topping amongst many more. Save room for pudding with a temptingly good Baked Vanilla Clotted Cream Cheesecake or our Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Roll.

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Of all the pubs in Dudley and the bars around Upper Gornal, Lower Gornal & Sedgley we reckon The Meadow Lark Sizzling Pub has the best selection of drinks bar none. Perfectly poured pints of cask ale, lager, beer & cider, and a great selection of wines, spirits and soft drinks mean we have a great choice for everyone.

Make the most of the Spring and Summer months with our great selection of refreshing long drinks including Ginger Apple Snap with Malibu and our Spiced Cuba Libre with Morgan's Spiced Rum. Of course they all perfectly compliment our Spring and Summer Food Menu


Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page


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