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I booked the Valentines Weekend at the Mollington Banastre Hotel and chose to stay in the ‘Suite’ which was the most expensive room this hotel had to offer.

What I got was a run down, shabby  room, right above the kitchen which overlooked the car park and the main road and even this view was totally obscured by a large hideous extractor fan.

The furniture was rather tatty, there was an old fashion TV with a remote control which had no lid to hold the batteries and there was no access to the internet.

In addition to that, the room was unbearable hot and as the radiator had the thermostatic control missing, it was impossible to turn it off, forcing us to sleep the night with all the windows wide open.

To add insult to injury, the extractor fan cut in at 5.45 am on Sunday morning making it impossible to sleep any longer.

I did complain to the receptionist upon checking out but she didn’t seem to be particularly bothered or interested  so I wrote to Books Hotels when I got back and complained.

In all fairness they got back fairly quickly and said they would investigate this and I just had a letter from the manager of the Mollington Banastre Hotel inviting me to return to either this hotel or to their sister hotel Crabwell Manor for another nights bed and breakfast with their compliments, which I will accept.

So watch this space - I will update this page after I been and let you know if it was any better.

Update:  Confirmed my acceptance to stay another night at the Crabwell Manor Hotel and suggested two dates in March but just  had a phone call informing me that the hotel was fully booked on these 2 days which I find rather puzzling as their own website (Brook Hotels) and show vacancies on both dates.

They suggested that I contact them at a later date but I have requested that they contact me when there is a vacancy on a Saturday night and I have confirmed this in writing to Mairead Flynn, the General Manager of the Mollington Banastre Hotel but as of to-date (April 2011) I am still waiting to hear from her.

We are now in June - not another word from Mairead Flynn but I did receive an email from a Amit Ummat who is the Sales & Marketing Manager of Brook Hotels and who said

You have my hotels listed on your website with complaints’.

How do we respond to these? Many are very old - will you please have them removed as we have undergone many changes at all my properties. Please advise the procedure.

I did respond and told him what he could do to improve the images of their ‘old’ hotels but he is clearly as bad as his hotels or his managers and he never had the courtesy of getting back to me.

So here we are, I have now given up on having another FREE weekend stay in Chester and I have decided to cross off the Brook Hotels from my list of hotels. Its bad enough that they charge £190.00 a night for a room which is not worth £50.00, I have been caught out twice now and I won’t risk it again.



Brook Mollington Banastre Hotel & Spa

, Parkgate Road,

Mollington Banastre Hotel

Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page.


The view from the room which costs £190.00 a night

Stained Carpets and shabby furniture

This is not the only complaint about a Brook Hotel

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Its not for me to tell you where to go and spend your money just bear in mind what happened to me and you might decide to go elsewhere - I most certainly will.



There is a hotel chain with the name of Brook

You better be warned before you book

All their hotels are run down and old

And you don’t get the room which you have been sold

Please read the complaints before you book

I’m pretty certain you will not choose Brook