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Whilst shopping recently at the Morrisons Store in Kingswinford I purchased two cartons of Ice Cream which both were marked as

They were both next to each other in their freezers together some other varieties and were all marked at the same offer price on their cartons





When I got to the till I was charged £1.55 and 1.29 respectively a total of £-.84 p or 42% above the price they should have been.


I complained to the supervisor  and I was told that the offer related only to the items within a restricted range i.e. all ‘Chockas’  or all ‘Ice Lollies’ and that I had to pay the individual price if I mixed them.


When I got back home I sent a letter to their Customer Service Department who have just replied and who are adamant that they are correct and entitled to charge 42% more if customers mix the items.


This is totally illogical as the price of these items is always £1.00 each  if customers buy two items and it makes absolutely no difference how they are mixed.


The English language also defines the word ‘ANY’  as there being no distinction between the items which means that it is totally irrelevant which item you pick as long as you chose to buy an item which is marked as ‘ANY 2 FOR £2’ as the individual price automatically becomes £1.00 each if two items are purchased.


When Morrison replied they  made the same claim as the store supervisor and tried to claim  that the exact wording is used on the signage to describe the product on offer but they totally failed to explain as to why they are then using the word ‘ANY’  and display the products next to each other in the freezers.


The word ‘ANY’ does not refer to ‘Ice Lollies’ or ‘Chockas’  but puts all these products under the same umbrella. All these items are Morrison own brand and clearly have all been priced to be in multiples of two at a £1 each.


If ‘ANY’ item is sold as 2 for £2  then their description is totally irrelevant as the word ‘ANY’ has assigned the choice to the customer  and if they want to restrict the offer to a particular make, brand, flavour or weight than they have to drop the word ‘ANY’ and call it 2 for £2 and not ‘ANY 2 for £2’.


I have written again to Morrisons and have asked them to reconsider their previous response and their decision  to charge me 42% or £-.84p more if I mix the items marked as ‘ANY 2 for £2







Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

Hilmore House

Gain Lane


West Yorkshire



Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page

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Editors Comment


Thanks to the common sense of the Chief Executive Officer of Morrisons Mr. Dalton Philipps this matter has now been resolved to the complainants satisfaction and I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to him.

Unfortunately, not many people would pursue this matter and would give up at the first hurdle which always is the Customers Relations Department who showed no sense of understanding or logical approach and could have solved this matter without forcing the complainant to refer it to their CEO.




Despite the fact that I had gone to great length explaining to Morrison that the use of the word ANY had removed the choice from them to me and that I had been intentionally been mislead by them in paying over 40% more for my ice cream than I had expected they came back to me and never answered a single paragraph of my complaint.

They did not even have the common courtesy to apologise to me and restricted their response claiming that the action they had taken was appropriate under the circumstances.

I consider their reply a total insult and I am copying is as follows for everyone to see how they treat their customers.

So here is the response from a Daniel Armstrong who calls himself a Customer Service Advisor:


Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that you are disappointed with the response you have received in connection with your complaint.

Regrettably there is little that I can add to the explanations and reassurances given to you in our previous letter. What we tried to do is to investigate your complaint thoroughly, give you a detailed and honest note of our findings.

Having re-examined the facts of the matter, I have to conclude that the action we have taken is appropriate under the circumstances.

Thank you once again for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and I do hope that we will remain your choice for shopping in the future.

Yours faithfully

D M Armstrong


There is one thing for certain.  They will, most certainly, not remain my choice for shopping in the future as I do not wish to be deliberately and intentionally be mislead by calculated misleading pricing. I want to do my shopping where I can be assured that the prices quoted on the goods they are selling are genuine, honest and straightforward and not designed to make me buy goods at an extortionate surcharge of 42% by grouping together misleading merchandise.

The sheer fact that they refused to take up any points I made in my letter dated 6th July 2011 in itself is prove that they all fully aware of what they are doing and that they are doing it deliberately to mislead their customers.


I have today forwarded my letter dated 6th July 2011 to their Managing Directors but, judging from the attitude of their Customer Service Department I admit that I do not hold out much hope that I will receive a response.


In addition I have also sent another letter to the Trading Standards Department in Bradford and I have asked them to investigate this matter and I have enclosed yet another copy of my letter to assist them in their investigation.


I do realise that the amount of the actual overcharge is rather petty at 84p but to me, this is a matter of principal as I am sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are much more examples of this deliberate and misleading pricing policy hidden in their stores.

So please watch out when you go shopping to Morrison you might be paying a lot more than you been expecting and please make sure that you check your receipt after every purchase.

You might be surprised what you find.


Any 2 for £2

I have now told their Customer Service Department that I will take this matter to their CEO Dalton Philips and that I will be asking the Trading Standards Department in Bradford to investigate their misleading pricing policy.


Surprise – Surprise




Today I received a shopping voucher for £10.00 and a letter from the CEO of Morrisons Dalton Philipps who admitted that customers could  have easily mis-understood the offer where products were displayed  together without other ranges being used as separator.

He also informed me that he has taken on board my comments regarding the use of the word “ANY’ and that he had brought my correspondence to the attention of their Marketing Director for his information and action going forward.

I am grateful  to Mr. Phillips for his understanding and the way he has dealt with this incident and I do hope that he will  also have a word with the people who work for Morrisons in their Customer Service  Department as this matter could have been settled by them without the need of having to waste the time of their Chief Executive Officer.

When I first brought this matter to their attention I genuinely was of the opinion that this was just a simply computer error but they way they came back with illogical and irrational excuses convinced  me that this was a calculated and designed marketing plot to mislead their customers.


Once again my thanks goes to Dalton Philipps for assuring me that this was not the case.