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Whilst browsing the internet for a hotel suitable for a short weekend break I came across the New Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath which offered a Romantic Break inclusive Champagne & Chocolates and Half board for £157.00 per night.

The hotel description, according to their website sounded quite charming and interesting and I looked forward to spend the weekend at ‘the magnificent property built in 1802 and set within 5 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and mature grounds with an Olympic-sized outdoor pool and an indoor heated plunge pool, both fed by natural hot-water springs.

I thought I surprise my wife with my grand gesture of romance and we set off for Matlock Bath and arrived there at about 17.00 hours on Saturday afternoon. We parked the car, got out the suitcase and went to the reception desk to check-in. They could not find our booking but assured us everything would be fine. ‘Just take a seat and we will sort it out’ they said and we sat down and waited.

After about 10 minutes the receptionist told us that everything was fine, they found the booking and, after completing the registration form they gave us the key to room 78.

‘The best and quickest way to your room is if you go back out to the car park and make your way around the back, or maybe take your case back to the car and drive round and park your car there’ she said and that is what we did.

So we left again through the front door of the magnificent 1802 Victorian Building and made our way around to the back past some dilapidated ramshackle buildings to be confronted by one of the ugliest and monstrous 1960’s Motel structures which should have been pulled down years ago. It clearly had not seen a lick of paint in years, the paintwork was dirty and the wooden panels rotten. When we got to room 78 on the 1st floor we just caught the cleaner leaving the room, presumably that was the reason as to why we were delayed at reception to give her time to make up this room.

The room itself was an improvement to the visual look of the run-down building but there were still cigarette butts on the upswept balcony, which did not look out over the Derwent Gorge but overlooked the drained and empty Olympic-sized outdoor pool and some of the furniture in the room was badly worn and torn.  We walked back down to reception and enquired about another room but there was a wedding at the hotel and it was fully booked this weekend and that was it.

When we got back the Champagne had arrived together with a box of Thornton’s Chocolates but by this time the surprise for my wife and the romance I was looking forward to had worn off and instead of laying in bed drinking Champagne, eating chocolates and making mad passionate love we walked down to Matlock Bath and treated us to a Pint of Lager and a Glass of Red Wine and watched the world go bye

How romantic is that!  The expectation and the reality was a bit like having an ice cold shower in an attempt to get an erection.

I was only glad I had come with the wife and not with a secret lover or girl friend as she would have never forgiven me for this.

It was a bit like being invited by a friend who owns a Country House and who puts you up in the servants quarter and asks you to use the servants entry,  like booking a luxury cruise and finish up in an inside cabin next to the engine room or like spending your honey moon at Butlins.

The annexe reminded me of the days when we travelled around the world without much money and when all we needed for romance was a bed with clean sheets. These days it’s the other way round. Nothing works anymore without a bit of help and even that’s not a guarantee but an added bonus if it does.

To add insult to injury, when we arrived for our breakfast the next morning at 09.30 we had to remind them twice that they had not taken our order and we waited for over 40 minutes for our cooked Breakfast. By the time we finished eating it the restaurant was empty and there were no croissants and no white bread left to even make a toast. I suppose we could have asked for some but by this time we were so fed up we just wanted to go.

So here we are. This was the Romantic Weekend Break at the New Bath Hotel the magnificent property built in 1802 and set within 5 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and mature grounds

There certainly was no romance, we didn’t drink the Champagne or eat the chocolates we took them home and put the bottle in the fridge and, presumably the kids will eat the chocolates.

Maybe next time we try camping, we haven’t done that for over 40 years.

It surely can’t be less romantic than another night at a run down 1960’s Motel at the back of the NEW BATH HOTEL in Matlock Bath.


Extract from the brochure and their website


The Brook New Bath Hotel has 55 en-suite and well appointed bedrooms including 2 romantic four poster bedrooms, canopied half tester rooms as well as Single, Double and Twin bedrooms. All rooms have been carefully designed and decorated in a traditional style. 


Hotel Brook New Bath boasts 55 perfectly appointed rooms that have been carefully designed and decorated with guests foremost in mind


This is not the only complaint about a Brook Hotels see

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In all fairness I have to admit that the manager of the New Bath Hotel did phone me after I had sent him my complaint and invited me to stay another weekend at the New Bath Hotel but due to personal circumstances I never found the time to take him up on it.

When I stayed recently at the Mollington Banastre Hotel in Chester over the Valentines Weekend they also offered me a complimentary stay which I did accept and I am still waiting for it to happen now.

Mollington Banastre Hotel

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