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Lutley Oak

General Manager:

Gary Ferguson
327 Stourbridge Road
B63 3QT

Tel: 0121 5503280


For the last few years we have visited the Lutley Oak in Halesowen on a regular, weekly basis for a meal and a drink and, over the years, have always been satisfied with the quality of the food there.

Wednesday night, the pub was very busy, we were told that there would be a delay of about 30 minutes which I happily accepted when I ordered 3 meals, one of them being the Big Breakfast, which was for myself.

When it arrived after about 40 minutes, I noticed that the 2 Lincolnshire sausages were missing and I reported the shortage to the server who apologised and brought me 2 sausages on a side plate.

They did not look very appetizing, they were dried up and hard and clearly had been cooked a long time ago and just been re-heated in the Microwave.

In addition to that they did not taste anything like a Lincolnshire sausage, they had the wrong texture and a rather peculiar tang.

As I did not want to make any more fuss and as I was quite hungry I did eat them reluctantly and washed it down with another pint of Fosters, having had two previously whilst waiting for the meal.

On the way home I could still taste these sausages and, in addition, my stomach started to turn over and I began feeling sick.

Two hours later, it got worse and I had to dash to the toilet and was violently sick pumping up all my food and the three pints of Fosters.

The food and the drinks had cost me about £16.00, the total bill for the 3 of us being around £53.00, and it all, literally went down the drain.

All next day I still felt a bit on the sick side but I did recover during the day.

There was obviously something seriously wrong with these sausages, whatever they were, and I am just glad that I did pump out the food rather than allowing it to go through my system and making me seriously ill.


The next day I did write a letter to Roger Whiteside who is the Managing Director of the tenanted pubs of Punch Taverns PLC but regretfully he decided to ignore my letter and he never replied


At the end of January 2011 I sent an email to Punch Taverns and enclosed a copy of my letter to their Managing Director and as of today I am still waiting !!!



Just received a letter from Punch Taverns apologising for the bad food and enclosing a £20.00 voucher to be used in any Punch Tavern Pub. - Thanks


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