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I have got a problem with Phones4u. It’s a bit of a long story and concerns a contract I took out with them on the 14th September  when they told me that I would get three cash payments of £90.00, the first payment in three weeks , the second 3 month after with the third and last  payment 3 month after that.

I waited four weeks and when I had no payment I went back to the shop and saw the guy who had sold me the contract. He told me he had made a mistake and had done two payments of £60.00, one for December and one the other for March  but he agreed to make up the difference of £150.00 which he would credit to my account over the weekend.

The money was never paid, so a week later I went back again to the shop to complain that the money had not been paid into my account. The guy I saw told me to sit down and I waited patiently in the office for about 30 minutes. Nobody came to see me and when I enquired as to what is going on he then told me that the sales assistant I had seen previously wasn’t in the office but another guy would sort it out for me.

I turned round to the guy who was supposed to sort it out, but when he said to me ‘Sorting out what’ I got fed up and told him to forget it and cancel my contract and I also cancelled my Direct Debit.

When I phoned Phones4u Head Office they told me that canceling the Direct Debit was not the answer as I would only finish up being blacklisted, but they promised that they would phone the shop to find out what was going on.

They did phone me back and told me that nobody in the shop was picking up the phone and that they would be phoning me back later. They never did.

I also phoned Vodafone and asked them to disconnect my number which I no longer intended to use but they only referred me back to Phones4u and were of no help.

Phones4u just lie to you to get you to sign their contract and I don’t know what else to do. I shouldn’t have to phone everybody as it is not my fault that Phones4u are in breach of their contract and have broken their agreement.  Please Help


We sent a letter to Phones4u on behalf of Shirley and we asked them to  contact Shirley and sort it out with her and without any further interference from us and we are happy to say that they have contacted Shirley who has  now sent us the following e-mail:


I would like to thank you. I had the Head Office of Phones4u phone me and they said they are going to send me the cheque in 14 – 28 days. Hopefully they stick to that.

Yours sincerely



We would like to add our 



for phones4u for sorting out this complaint so quickly  - Well Done


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