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My son got married two weeks ago in Cyprus and as a wedding gift I booked and paid for a cruise on the new MSC Preziosa sailing out of Genoa on the 3rd November 2013.


As I had some bad experience with connecting flights booked by the Costa Cruises out of Savona previously I phoned MSC and asked them to provide me with the flight details before proceeding to book the cruise.


When I was told that the flights would be into Genoa from a generic London airport I went ahead, booked the cruise and paid for it in full.


The cruise was confirmed to me by email on the 24th September 2013 which showed Departure London Generic – Arrival Genoa, Italy and vice versa and gave an approxm. Flight time of 10am out and 4pm back.  It also showed booked items AIR LON/GOA/LON – 03/11/2013 / 10/11/2013 with a transfer GOA/GOA






On the 21st October 2013 I received an amended confirmation and, suddenly, all the transfer times had been changed. It now showed Departure LHR – Milan Malpensa on BA572 with a departure time of 7.05 in the morning and a return flight from Milan Malpensa – LHR on BA581 with a flight time of 21.00 hours.  It now also showed a transfer MXP/GOA and back GOA/MXP return.








I was not happy about this as this meant that they would be bussed to Milan Malpensa in the morning after the boat had docked and that they would be dumped at the airport for about 10 hours before their flight back to Heathrow. It also meant that the far earlier departure time and the late return time into Heathrow that I would have to book two additional airport hotels for them.


I went back to MSC and complained that this was not acceptable and that I would not have booked this cruise had they told me that my son would have to fly back from Milan but they washed their hands and claimed ‘MSC Cruises was unfortunately not awarded with LGW-GOA seats for our guests by the airline’

They further claimed ‘MSC Cruises TBA flights will always show that the end point is Genoa for Genoa departures. This is as MSC Cruises guarantee that guests will be transported from London to Genoa port to meet the cruise’








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Email sent to

Lauren Underwood - Operations Supervisor

Hi Lauren

Thanks for your response.

As I go on about 3 cruises every year I am fully aware of the disembarkation procedure  at the end of a cruise and I am also familiar with Milan Malpensa airport as I have been caught out previously when I went on a cruise with Costa from Savona.

Because I was dumped at Milan Malpensa Airport by Costa I thought that I could not possible be caught again and this is why I phoned to make sure that the flights are at a reasonable time to and from Genoa and not to any other airport and if you will kindly check the initial confirmation you will find that this lists a return flight at 16.00 hours which is the BA2689 flight from Genoa to Gatwick which would have been fine and which even now  is still available.

As I told you previously I would not have booked this cruise had I been told  that I had to fly out and back from Malpensa airport as this not only means that I am stuck for over 10 hours at the airport, it also means that I now have to book two extra nights at an airport hotel in Heathrow as I cannot be expected to drive down to Heathrow in the middle of the night or back home  from Heathrow at midnight.

I clearly have been mislead by your reservation team which now means additional costs to me apart from the inconvenience and frustration of having to spend 10 hours at Malpensa and I will have to consider filing a claim for these additional outgoings after the cruise  unless you can offer me some other  kind of compensation such as a cabin upgrade, a free drinks package  or something similar to upset these added expenses.

This clearly is nonsense. They showed Genoa as the arrival/departure airport using GOA and, whilst I accept that they will transfer their passengers to Genoa to meet the cruise this was not what I was told when I booked this cruise.


I have now gone back to MSC again and have told them that I will have no other option but to lodge a claim for the additional hotel expenses and the inconvenience and frustration caused by the changed flights unless they can offer some other kind of compensation such as a cabin upgrade, a free drinks package or something similar.



MSC have now responded as follows:

 The flight on the confirmation showed as a GOA- LON TBA flight 16:00 arriving 16:10, these are fictitious

timings.I regret to hear that you feel you have been mislead by our reservations team. As a gesture off goodwill due to the out of pocket expenses you will be facing, MSC Cruises have applied £50 per person onboard credit to your cruise booking.


They are admitting that the information they gave me was wrong and fictitious yet they are only offering £50.00 each in compensation and, consequently, I will have no other choice but to complain to the MSC Head Office at the end of the cruise that they deliberately fabricated flight times in order to secure my booking.      

I really thought that I could not possibly be caught out again and this just shows how wrong I have been.

All the cruise lines are the same. Once they had persuaded you to book with them they blatantly change the details of the flights  and at the end of the cruise they just want you off the boat.


Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page

The Complaint Shop





Unfortunately that’s not the end of the saga as the promised on board credit of £50.00 per person never materialised. Nobody knew anything about it on the cruise ship and despite the reception desk sending a fax to MSC I never had the agreed and promised onboard credit forcing me to write again to MSC and requesting an explanation.



Today is the 27th January 2014 and the missing £100.00 on board Credit have still not materialised. MSC are telling me that they are still investigating this matter.

I serious doubt it now that I will ever see the £100.00 or that MSC will see me on their cruise ships again

So much for the Customer Service of MSC