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I have just returned from Palma on Ryan Air Flight FR2163.

Whenever I use Ryanair I always pay the extra charge for PRIORITY boarding as this takes away the hassle of standing in a long queue fighting over a seat when you get on the plane.

At Palma airport they used a bus to ferry the passengers to the plane and we were the first one to board that bus.

After that, all the other passengers came on the same bus and when we got to the plane all the passengers who came on last were the first ones off and all the passengers who had paid for PRIORITY could not get off the bus as they were boxed in.

As a consequence, the PRIORITY passengers were the last one to board the plane which made a total sham of the PRIORITY booking system.

When I got back I wrote to Ryanair and complained and asked them to refund me for the service they had not supplied with the same efficiency and effectiveness they were charging the passengers when they do not comply with their conditions.

Ryanair responded very quickly by email:


We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you encountered when using our Priority Boarding service on your recent flight.

Unfortunately, on this occasion a bus transfer was used to transport passengers from the departure gate to the aircraft and we were therefore unable to offer the benefit of priority boarding to you.

Consequently, we have refunded the fee charged for this service back to the credit card used to pay for the service, the card issuing bank will then take a further 5-7 days to credit the relevant account.

We again apologise for the inconvenience caused.


Thanks for a prompt reply and the prompt refund.


A note from the


Ryanair have received much criticism over the years so it’s refreshing to see that they have acted efficiently and promptly in dealing with this complaint.

Well done


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