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On the 28th February I received my Debenhams Card Statement  and  I paid off the balance of £ 83.99 on the 1st March from my Halifax account using  BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services).

Seven days later the amount was back in my bank account. I checked and re-checked the information I had provided for the transfer, i.e. the sort code, bank account number and my card number but everything was in order.

I had made no mistake and I was at a total loss to understand why Santander, who administrate the Debenhams Card, had returned my payment.

I wrote to them on the 10th March and asked them for an explanation as I wanted to make sure that the payment would go through if I send it again but, regretfully, they chose to ignore my letter and never responded.

On the 22rd March I received another statement from Santander together with a  NOTICE OF DEFAULT SUMS for £12.00 which was described as LATE PAYMENT FEE and, in addition,  they also charged me £ 2.53 in interest.

I have no intention to pay these two amounts and I have now written to Santander at their above Leeds  address to give me a logical and rational explanation as to why my payment was rejected and returned and why they did not answer my letter.


Watch this space and see what they say




Santander Cards UK Ltd

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Today is the 1st April 2011 ( April Fools Day) and I have received yet another letter from Santander threatening me with administration fees and further interest if I don’t make a payment, telling me that my payment record will be reported to the credit reference agencies and that my failure to pay will seriously affect my ability to use my account in the future


Once again I have  written to Santander and, for the THIRD time requested that they communicate with me in an effort to sort this out this mess as I cannot see how we can resolve this matter if they don’t respond to any correspondence.

I am sick and tired having to write to them and I have no intention of using my Debenham Credit Card or any other Santander Card in the future.





6th April 2011

Today I had a phone call from Santander apologising for not responding to my letter and informing me that they had cancelled the Late Payment Charge and the interest and that my account is now back to ZERO




20th April 2011

And just when I thought it was all over they sent me yet another statement, this time showing an outstanding balance of


which, they say, is the interest on the amount they should not have charged me in the first instance.

Once again, I returned the statement and asked them to cancel this fee

It would not surprise me if they now charge me another late payment fee as I clearly have no intention of paying this interest


Santander have finally  replied and apologised for the ‘level of service’ I have received and have now confirmed that all charges have been removed.

They have also told me that they have applied a credit of £15.00 to my account for any inconvenience they have caused me and that this credit will appear on my next statement.

I won’t go mad yet and spend it – I think I rather wait for my statement and decide then if I am going to use my Debenhams Credit Card in the future


Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page


Santander Credit Card

It was too good to be true.

When I tried to use my card at my local ASDA petrol station I found, to my embarrassment, that my card now longer works. Every time I inserted it into the card reader a message appeared

‘ Transaction cancelled’

Fortunately I did have another card on me which worked fine and I have now written yet another letter to SANTANDER asking them to explain to me what is going on.

What good is a £15.00 credit in my account when I can’t spend it?

So please watch this space and see what they have got to say now



Today is the 12th August 2011 and I am still waiting for a response from Santander