I spent the New Year at the Arona Gran Hotel in Tenerife which I had booked with TUI Thomson at a cost of over £2200 for the two of us.

The board basis was Half Board and I chose the flight from Birmingham deliberately to get me to the Hotel in good time for my evening meal.

Regretfully, the outward flight was delayed, due to a technical fault with the plane and when we eventually got there an hour late, we were kept waiting by the incompetent and bungling ground staff of Thomson before we finally set off in a minibus to our hotel which was only 14km from the airport and we got even more delayed when we had to change the bus halfway before we eventually got to hotel at 21.40 hours.

Upon checking in we were told that we had arrived too late for the evening forcing us to go out and spend just under 50 Euros for our evening meal.  When I asked if I could have lunch instead of the dinner on my last day before departure I was told that this was not possible.

Having paid in excess of £300.00 per night for our Half Board holiday I contacted Thomson after I got back and requested that they compensate me for the money I had to spend due to the delay of the plane and the incompetence of their airport staff but Thomson blatantly refused and send me one of  their pre-printed stereotype letters referring me to their A-Z guide which states that I may miss a meal depending on the arrival/departure times.

The letter, signed by a Tariq Dunstan (Customer Support Advisor) closed with the usual drivel that he hopes that despite my experience on this occasion I will not be deterred from considering Thomson when making future travel plans.

During last year I had spent in excess of 6500.00 with Thomson and they fobbed me off with a load of hogwash so I wrote back to him and pointed out that their A-Z guide clearly referred to scheduled departure times and not delayed departures  and that their A-Z guide also clearly stated that it is their responsibility if the outbound flight is delayed and I asked them again to accept responsibility for their own statements and to compensate me for the meal I missed.

I also asked him to confirm to me the time we eventually landed at Tenerife South and why we were kept waiting for transport by the inept and incompetent ground staff.

He did not reply and after 3 weeks waiting I sent a reminder and requested a response.

Tariq Dunstan eventually replied on the 6th March 2011 and totally ignored all my questions claiming that he had re-investigated this matter, that Thomson care a great deal for their customers and that I ‘would need to seek help through a third party’ if I am not happy with his decision to refuse me compensation.

In plain words he told me to get lost.

As he had blatantly and purposely ignored all the specific points I had raised I wrote back once again and requested that he has the proficiency and the courtesy to deal with this matter in a professional manner and that I am entitled to receive a more specific response or, if he feels that he is incompetent and inept to do this, to pass this matter to his supervisor.

Once again I wasted my time writing to Thomson but this time I received a response from a Mojinder Chohan Kaur which was as useless and futile as the previous letters  from Tariq Dunstan.

Mojinder Chohan Kaur told me and I quote ‘the reason for the delay was due to a technical fault’ which was precisely what I told them in my first letter. I was on that plane and I don’t need a Customer Support Advisor from Thomson to tell me that. He further confirmed that my flight had landed at 20.20 pm, one hour late which was in good time to get us to our hotel had we not been further delayed by the incompetent ground staff.  

He offered no explanation for the further delay at Tenerife airport and he ignored my request for compensation.

It’s clearly obvious that both ‘customer advisors’  are taking the piss and take pleasure in annoying and  infuriation their clients and I will now write one more letter telling them to look at this website and either communicate with me in an appropriate manner or accept the consequences of losing one of their most loyal customers.

The choice is entirely theirs as I will write off my 50 Euros and contact their CEO and tell him that I will never book another holiday with TUI Thomson  or First Choice again and that I will do everything in my power to publish my complaint on any web site which will  accept it.





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Having spent in excess of £ 6500.00 with Thomson last year I had intended to  book my Easter Holiday with Thomson to stay at the  at the RIU Palace Maspalomas Hotel in Gran Canaria  which would have cost me just under £2000.000 but due to the treatment I have received from the Customer Support Advisors of Thomson to-date  I have now booked the holiday and the hotel with





and I am not likely to go back to Thomson in the near foreseeable future unless they change their approach and their attitude towards their clients.

I take at least 4 holidays per year and it is clearly Thomson’s loss if it is their policy to aggravate and annoy their customers over a petty amount of less than 50 Euros.



01/04/2011 (April Fools Day) and another reply from Mojinder Chohan Kaur who clearly is struggling with the  the English language in addition to having an  attitude problem.

He is now  telling me to get lost and refuses  to ‘offer any more assistance’ after informing me that an excessive  waiting time of over 45 minutes at the airport after landing , caused by bungling and incompetent Thomson staff,  is something all Thomson clients must expect. He offers no explanation or apology and tells me again that it is my problem if I miss my meals ‘because of delays’.


Mojinder Chohan Kaur have it your way and be proud that you have successfully annoyed me now to such an extent that I will not book another holiday with Thomson or First Choice in the near future.

There are plenty of other tour operators who appreciate their clients  and will offer an apology for a substandard and inadequate service.


Whilst we try to ensure that the complaint is truthful and factual we cannot accept responsibility for the complaint. If you are affected by the complaint and if you think that the complaint is inaccurate or misleading then please contact us with supporting details of your objection and we will gladly remove any erroneous part from this page

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I am in receipt of your letter dated 15th March 2010 confirming that our delayed flight to Tenerife South landed at 20.20 hours which would have been sufficient and adequate  time to get us to our hotel in good time for our evening  meal.

The Arona Gran is only  14 km away from the airport and had we not been further delayed by a totally incompetent  and bungling Thomson ground staff who left us standing outside the airport in excess of over 45 minutes and then sent us away in a mini bus which we had to change half way through the journey we would have arrived in time for our dinner despite the delayed arrival.

I missed my evening meal at the Arona Gran and I had to eat out due to the incompetence of your airport staff and I must ask you once again to consider compensating me for the additional expense or lose me as a loyal customer of Thomson as I will not travel with a company which shows total disregard for their clients and employs people  with an attitude problem.

I have now published my complaint on my website


 and you are welcome to follow the progress of my complaint.


Thanks to Mojinder Chohan Kaur and his colleague  Tariq Dunstan I booked my last THREE holiday with TRAVEL REPUBLIC who I found to be extremely efficient and helpful.

Their choice of flights and accommodation is far superior to that of TUI Thomson and I can only recommend this company if you are looking to book a holiday.

I personally won’t be going back to Thomson in the near foreseeable future as I am quite content with TRAVEL REPUBLIC.


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