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Checking in at Birmingham Airport with my wife and my son we were asked how many pieces of hand luggage we had and when I told the young lady that I had one piece of cabin luggage and my son’s lady friend had a small bag she insisted that both items had to be weighed.


The small bag weighed less than two kilos but my cabin luggage showed up as SEVEN kilos which made the check-in girl go into overdrive telling me that I was only allowed 5 kilos and that the additional weight would have to be subject to a surcharge of 12 Pound per kilo.


Despite pointing out to her that we only had two bags for four people she would not accept that weight allowances could be pooled forcing me to empty my cabin luggage and moving the extra 2 kilos into my little rucksack which was inside the suitcase.


What that meant was that we were now carrying the same weight as before, the only difference being that we now had three pieces of hand luggage instead the original two.


Needless to say, that whilst going through security we packed the rucksack back into the suitcase finishing up with the two items of hand luggage we started with.


The reason behind all this idiotic nonsense is the continuous attempt by the airlines to dream up more and more crazy and ludicrous ways to milk the air passengers and, so I understand, actually paying the check-in staff bonuses for every pound of excess baggage charge they can get out of the people flying out.


So next time you fly with Thomson be prepared


Instead of a small handbag or carrier bag bring with you a cabin luggage case which falls within their size bracket (55cm x 45cm x 20cm) and does not weigh more than 5 kilos.


Wear your heaviest boots and carry all your clothing such as coats, jumpers and anoraks on you when you check in and stuff them into your hand luggage once you got your boarding card.  


On the actual flight out to Lanzarote it become obvious that Thomson had now sunk to the levels of  Ryanair having stripped out all entertainment and flying a new 757-200 which offered no seat pockets to even hold a book.


If you want any food you can now purchase a dried up bacon baguette or a mini pizza at £3.50 or you can add a bag of hard, dried up and horrible chips for an extra £1.50.  Don’t bother with it and bring your own.


Coming back a week later they could not even be bothered to collect the empty food packets or drinks tins forcing the passengers to throw them on the floor instead.


Ryanair and Easyjet at least are offering the option of priority seating where you can board the plane early and pick the seat you want unlike Thomson who charge you £17.00 and then restrict you to the window and middle seats only if you want to seat together (see Thomson Seat Restrictions)







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Standard luggage allowance

Each customer is entitled to a check-in allowance of up to 15kg baggage and a maximum 5kg for hand baggage (max. dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm).

Editors Comment

There is no longer any advantage of booking your flight with Thomson so just go on the Internet and book the cheapest flight you can find, they are all the same now.



Hand Luggage Restrictions


Size: 55 x 40 x 20 weight 10 kilos


Easy Jet

Hand Luggage Restrictions


Size: 55 x 40 x 20 NO WEIGHT LIMIT



Hand Luggage Restrictions


Size: 56 x 45 x 25 weight 10 kilos