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I just had a text message from offering me a Payday Loan of  up to £650.00.

It was sent to my mobile phone from 07510630316 and was address to me personally using my Christian name.


Firstly, someone out there sold them my personal details as I have never been in contact with these people.


Secondly, I would never contemplate to borrow any money from these credit sharks who, by their own admission charge an APR of 4214% or about 360% annually.


These people are praying on the poorest of the poor as only people who are absolutely desperate would consider using them.


They are credit sharks and the Government should undertake immediate steps to stop money lenders like Wonga to operate legally in this country.


Look at the actual figures


If you borrow £100 from these people this would cost you £360 a year in interest plus any other charges they are piling on to these loans and your repayment over a 12 month period would work out at an astonishing £40 a month or 460 a year, nearly 5 times the amount you have borrowed.


This is the reason as to why they only offer very short term loans as this hides the real interest charges.


Never even contemplate to borrow money from them to make a purchase. Just ask yourself if you really  need a loan for a few days and only ever use these lenders if it is a matter of life or death.


Their latest TV commercial is  using OAP’s  to sell their rip off loans to the public. These people are already in the lowest bracket of incomes struggling to survive and they are targeted by Wonga to borrow money from them and make their situation worse.


So please, before you get carried away, don’t just look at how much it will cost you a week, look how much money they make out of you for lending you a few hundred pound.


If you urgently need money to pay a bill speak to the people you need to pay first, explain your situation and most companies will be happy to rearrange your debts or to wait a few days for their payment. After all, Wonga only lends you money for up to 30 days so why borrow money if you can make alternative arrangements.


You have been warned

so please don’t fall for it

and don’t Wonga it.


Whatever your situation, borrowing money does not necessarily mean that your troubles are over. In most cases it make peoples situation worse.

If you are in desperate need for money bear in mind that you have to repay any loan and if you can’t afford to pay off a credit card or an urgent invoice then the problem will not go away if you borrow money elsewhere at extortionate interest rates  to fill a hole.

If you have overstretched yourself,  first sit down and write down all the amounts you owe and look at your incoming funds. How much can you afford to repay to reduce these debts.

To borrow money to repay a debit which has gone out of hand is like gambling more and more money in the hope that you will win back the money you have lost. It never works.

Have a good look what has brought you into this dilemma and firstly make sure that you do not spend any further money you haven’t got.

Cut down on your spending, postpone the purchase of items you might want but can’t afford and cut out certain things in your live until you are solvent again.

If you realise that you cannot repay the debts you got,  then speak to the people you owe the money to. They will listen and they will understand. If you really want to reduce your debts they will help you to reschedule your debts or give you more time to pay as long as you are genuine in your request that you want to cut down and that you want to repay the money you owe.

As long as you are genuine, honest and willing to reduce your debts they all will listen to you and never borough more money to settle a debt, its fatal and it does not work.



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